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Scheduling Surgery

Christyne, Surgery Coordinator

Our surgeons have surgical privileges at several facilities. Dr. Mahalek’s surgeries, as well as total joint replacements, are scheduled by nursing staff. All other surgeries are scheduled by our Surgery Coordinator who schedules the surgery to fit your schedule as well as the surgeon's.

Once you and the surgeon have decided that surgery is your best option, the Surgery Coordinator will meet with you. The Surgery Coordinator will assist in scheduling pre-operative testing and your pre-operative history and physical.  They will also walk you through the surgery scheduling paperwork. 

Your surgery may require you to have post-operative bracing, a sling, crutches, or other assistive devices.  If you did not receive an item on the day you scheduled surgery, please call in to speak to a member of our Casting and Bracing Department. 

We believe an informed patient who participates in his care has a better surgical outcome. Family members are also encouraged to participate in the pre-operative visit, especially those helping with your aftercare. You may view animated videos of your surgical procedure and education materials about your condition on this website.

The Surgery Coordinator can be reached at (308) 865-2570 . The fax number is (308) 865-2508.