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Radiology Facilities

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and X-ray are important diagnostic tools. If you had X-Ray imaging or an MRI at another facility, bring them with you on your first visit. Mail delivery can be unreliable and images may not arrive in time for your appointment. Whenever possible, please hand-carry them to your appointment. These exams are very important for your treatment and you may need to repeat them if you cannot provide a copy of the images. Some insurance companies may not pay for repeat exams. This added expense can be avoided by bringing the previous X-Rays and MRIs with you. Some facilities may tell you that these images are available via an internet connection with our clinic.  It is still best to hand-carry your images to our office to ensure delivery.

We have an ACR Accredited 1.5 Tesla full-field MRI machine and two x-ray machines. ACR Accreditation comes from the American College of Radiology and ensures that we provide high level image quality and safety standards. It documents that we meet requirements for equipment, medical personnel, and quality assurance.

The physician will discuss your x-ray results with you after they are complete. MRI scans are sent to an off-site Radiologist to review, so these results may take longer to provide to you, although immediate review can be available in urgent cases. If you have not been contacted about your MRI results within five days, please contact our office.

We attempt to accommodate your busy schedule as best as we can.  X-Ray imaging can usually be done the same day as your appointment, but most insurance companies require pre-authorization for an MRI.  This may delay your MRI scheduling and not allow us to complete it on the same day as your appointment. 

How to Prepare

You may be asked to change into a tank top and shorts for some exams because buttons and metallic snaps distort the images. Wear comfortable clothing that you can change easily.