Casting and Bracing

Orthopaedic Technologists (OT-C) are trained to assist an orthopaedic surgeon in patient care activities. They are trained in cast application and removal, walking aids, and brace use, application, and fitting. An OT-C has the ability to fabricate, adjust, or repair various casts and braces to the orthopaedic surgeon’s specifications and is able to provide a patient with support and instruction in the proper use of these items.

All of the Orthopaedic Technologists at New West Sports Medicine are certified in orthopaedic technology and athletic training. This ensures that your orthopaedic technologist is held to the highest quality and educational standards.

Cast Care Instructions:

General Cast Care Instructions:

Your cast is made of fiberglass; it will not be completely dry for 1 hour. DO NOT rest it on anything that could indent it, bump it, or hit it before it is completely dry. Keep your cast clean. Avoid getting dirt, sand, or any powder down the inside of the cast. Do not pull the padding out from your cast.

Keep Your Cast Dry

It is very important you keep your cast dry. You can use a bag and tape to cover it when bathing or we do have cast covers available for purchase; they are $30.00. If you get your cast wet, please notify us within 24 hours to see if it needs to be replaced. We do offer Delta Dry Cast padding to make casts waterproof for an additional fee.


Swelling is best reduced by elevating the cast above heart level. Elevation should continue until the swelling and cast tightness decrease or goes away. Gently exercising fingers and toes may also reduce swelling. Ice may also be used to make the pain less and decrease swelling.

DO NOT Stick Anything Down the Cast

Putting anything inside the cast can cause serious damage to your skin. A hair dryer set on a cool setting may be blown into the cast to relieve itching. Do NOT apply powders or deodorants to the itching skin.

Contact Our Office at (308)-865-2570 If You Experience Any of the Following Symptoms

  • Severe or Increased Pain in the area casted that is not relieved by elevating or medication prescribed for you.
  • Persistent burning under the cast
  • Numbness or tingling not relieved by 15-30 minutes of elevation
  • Discoloration in the extremity that is casted
  • Extreme tightness or looseness of the cast

Brace Information:

The below list contains product information on some of the more commonly used braces at New West. While the below information is a great resource, if you have specific questions please don’t hesitate to call one of our certified orthopaedic technologists at (308) 865-2570.